Vested interest, both corporate and governmental, is bound to pervade honest reportage. State-run media is inherently biased to support its own ongoings, thus any event viewed under its lens will be misrepresented; private media, however, is equally as clouded by self-interest. Anti-corporate messages are unfavorable to directors with investments in other industries, and content that sacrifices profitability will be met by threats to pull out from major stockholders. The drive for a large audience doesn’t significantly broaden represented perspectives either, since advertisers assign no weight to an audience that lacks purchasing power. In order to maintain the funding necessary to continue publishing, all privately owned media must tend towards pro-corporate biases. Reporters whose ideas don’t align with this ideal are unlikely to find work, and if they should, such ideas will be softened before editorial approval.

It is only by rigorously analyzing an event, and the way it is covered in the press, in the light of the primary sources, that we can pass through the barriers of the unspoken, the misspoken, and the implied to discover the truth, and in the process reveal the reasons for its concealment. This is the exercise that will be done here.

For each topic, a compilation of news articles, editorials, blogs, as well as related reports from various organizations, and posts on social networks will be done. These sources will be annotated with comments pointing out their inaccuracies, and their contradictory claims when compared to other sources. Reports from investigative journalists, and those posts on social media, with well sourced claims, or footage of the events, are expected to counterbalance the mainstream editorial line, which typically doesn't include any primary source. Once enough sources have been gathered, an attempt to synthesize the events that have really taken place will be undertaken. This synthesis will be accompanied by a detailed analysis of the editorial line(s) adopted by the mainstream media and major newspapers.

While not pretending to be a marker of the absolute truth, the tool made available here can help in the process leading to it.