About Stride

In the world we live today, the focus is shifting more and more towards economic growth coupled with technological progress, while the emphasis on the element that enables and is supposed to benefit from those changes, the human, is declining. Climate change, and the lack of measures to mitigate it; increasing inequalities; endless wars, and abject poverty are only a few of the symptoms of this terrible disease that afflicts the world. They are only warning signs of the challenges we will have to face as heirs of the Earth.

Yet, as for climate change, the proposed solutions, if any, for these pressing issues leave much to be desired. It is therefore with the aim of providing the right tools to those who need them to create the appropriate solutions that Stride will act. We will work to identify the roots of those issues as well as the means to counter them.

Those most affected by the type of problem that we intend to solve are you, the members of the working class of the world. You are the first to be displaced by climate change. You are the those who are affected by economic, gender or racial inequality.You are the ones who can not feed and educate your children. You are the youth of today, destined to take the reins and continue the fight for the emancipation of humanity.

Since we want to help our brothers and sisters living in the most remote places on the planet, we wish to collaborate with anyone who pursues this same goal.


Media biases

The first issue we've identified is the routine misinformation in the mainstream, biased media. In the hope of helping to discern these biases, we compare and analyze the news while keeping in mind the corporate interests that have now became an integral part of the media. This service is available here.